How To Prepare For International Travel

*THIS IS A SPONSORED POST: PORTIONS OF THIS POST CONTAIN SPONSORED LINKS BUT ALL WRITING AND OPINIONS ARE MY OWN* How to prepare for international travel - whether it's planning for your honeymoon or visiting a place that you've never been, traveling internationally can be quite the process these days, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic. While... Continue Reading →

Before You Travel This Winter

*THIS IS A SPONSORED POST* Does anyone else feel slightly sadder now the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting colder, and suddenly weโ€™re already getting into those full-blown long, dark days? Winter is approaching quickly and while I love to enjoy a good snowstorm cozied up by the fire drinking hot coco watching... Continue Reading →

Let’s GLOW Girl

My Spray Tan Experience + What It's All About If you follow me on Instagram, then you always see me posting about my ~ flawless ~ looking spray tans. Well today we are here to chat all about spray tans - the process, the experience, and what it's all about. I have been getting sprayed... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year – St. Lucia Trip

Wow, it's been a minute since this trip, but I've had a floor-length to-do list in my way before I could mentally get to writing this. Even though it's not that long of a post I am still working on being able to write efficiently. I feel like I haven't written like this since I... Continue Reading →

Instagram Starter Pack: The Basics

Instagram Starter Pack: The Basics - Tips from a Instagram user of NINE YEARS Today's post is all about The Gram. If you're like me, you spend a ton of time scrolling on Insta whether its for inspiration, business, or pure leisure. If it wasn't obvious, Instagram and the media have changed a TON over... Continue Reading →

Taylor Soul Designs

Hello Friends! If you read my 'About Me' page, then you know I refuse to work a 9-5 cooperate job. It all began way back when I had gotten laid off from my marketing job I had been at for two years back in 2019. I was completely overworked for something that I was not... Continue Reading →

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